The publication Carscoops discusses the issue and draws the first contours of a possible “charged” car. The coupe concept car Honda Prelude was launched this fall and attracted a lot of attention: the return of the legendary name, up-to-date design, and hybrid technology.

Everything looks like the prospects for the Honda Prelude model are very positive and we will soon see a production version of the car. But what’s next? Perhaps the Honda Prelude Type R will come next!

As is usually the case with the Japanese company, the Honda Prelude Type R version will be more focused on the sports track. For example, you can expect advanced aerodynamics, wide tires and large wheels, and more powerful brakes. Of course, the interior will also be changed – it can be made in the style of the Honda Civic Type R.

The question of the engine remains open. Possible options include either a slightly boosted version of the hybrid (Honda currently has options with 204-207 hp) or the use of a turbo engine from the Honda Civic Type R – in this case, you can count on 300+ “horses”! Oh, if only all this could become a reality…