Microsoft continues to improve Copilot, adding new functionality to its AI assistant. For example, the company has now announced a collaboration with Suno, thanks to which Copilot has learned to create songs based on a simple user request.

According to Microsoft, Suno is a leader in AI music creation and the first service capable of generating complete songs – lyrics, musical instruments, and vocals – from just one sentence.

Currently, you can use Suno services only in the Microsoft Edge browser. In it, go to, sign in to your Microsoft account, and make sure that Suno is activated in the list of plugins.

After that, you just need to ask Copilot to create a song on the desired topic – and Ukrainian is also supported. You’ll have to wait a bit for the result – usually just a few seconds, but some requests can lead Suno to a dead end (in our case, it didn’t create one song even after half an hour).

As for the results… when we tried to create a modern Ukrainian Christmas song, we saw something a bit unexpected at first:

Microsoft Copilot makes you a songwriter with the Suno plugin

But after a small adjustment, we finally got almost the desired result:

Microsoft Copilot makes you a songwriter with the Suno plugin

You can listen to the song at this link. It seems that if you run it on the radio, most listeners will not suspect anything.