Since 2009, Call of Duty has been the most popular game in the US, except for the years when Rockstar games were released, but this year the series has another competitor – Hogwarts Legacy. According to IGN, a game about a famous school for wizards may become the best-selling game in the US in a year.

According to statistics from Circana, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III was the best-selling game in November, but it is still only the second best-selling game of the year. According to analysts, this is due to the fact that Hogwarts Legacy is selling unexpectedly well, and the release on Nintendo Switch only helps it, while the new Call of Duty was released later than last year’s Modern Warfare II and simply does not have time to sell more.

Of course, these are statistics as of November, and Modern Warfare III may well overtake Hogwarts Legacy during the holiday season, but we will only know about it next year.

Interestingly, Circana also gave a comment to IGN, explaining why the top charts don’t contain any information about Alan Wake II sales. The company collects sales data from retailers and publishers and digital stores. In the case of Alan Wake II, there are two problems at once. The first is the absence of a physical release, and the second is that the Epic Games Store does not share sales information.

Analysts from Ampere Analysis estimate Alan Wake II’s sales on consoles at 850 thousand copies, but there is no data on PC sales. Remedy also has no comment on the situation. If the ratio of sales on consoles and PCs in the case of Alan Wake II is normal, then we are likely talking about a little more than 1 million copies in total. This is not much, especially compared to Call of Duty and Hogwarts Legacy.

Despite the fact that PC sales are unknown, you can join them, because in the Epic Games Store Alan Wake II is currently available for 660 UAH with a discount and coupons from the store.