Traditionally, Sony starts “additional” game giveaways for more expensive PS Plus plans in the second half of the month, a couple of weeks after the general announcement for all packages, including the basic PS Plus Essential. Starting December 19, the following games for PS4 and PS5 will be available for Extra and Premium subscribers:

Grand Theft Auto V (PS4, PS5) — is the most interesting addition to this month’s catalog, unless, of course, you’ve never played GTA V before.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (PS4, PS5) — is an action/RPG set in the Final Fantasy universe with real-time battles, a prequel to the very first part that was released on the NES.

Moto GP23 (PS4, PS5) — is the next installment of the motorcycle simulator from Milestone srl, dedicated to the 2023 season.

Metal: Hellsinger (PS4, PS5) — a first-person “rhythm shooter” that combines the style of shooters like DOOM Eternal with rhythmic games where you need to perform certain actions to the rhythm of the soundtrack.

Salt and Sacrifice (PS4, PS5) — an action/RPG in the form of a side-scroller with gameplay inspired by the popular Dark Souls series.

Moonscars (PS4, PS5) — a side-scrolling platformer in a non-linear world with old-school graphics.

Mega Man 11 (PS4) — is a platformer, the latest installment in the original Mega Man series (also called Classic Mega Man), released in 2018.

Gigabash (PS4, PS5) — a brawler game, or beat ’em up, is a separate subgenre of fighting games that take place outside the arena, where the player has to fight several opponents at the same time.

Grime (PS4, PS5) — is an action-adventure RPG whose gameplay is characterized by the developers as “soulsvania” – a mixture of souls-like and metroidvania genres.

Tinykin (PS4, PS5) — a 3D platformer with puzzle-solving elements.

Prodeus (PS4, PS5) — is an old-school shooter with emphasized pixelated graphics, whose gameplay recreates the game mechanics of classic shooters of the 90s, primarily DOOM and Quake, as closely as possible.

Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut, Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition (PS4, PS5) — three installments of the Shadowrun series, tactical role-playing games set in the world of fantasy cyberpunk.

In addition, the catalog of “classics” of the PS Plus Premium tariff will be replenished with the following games:
Mega Man Legacy Collection (PS4), Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (PS4), Thrillville (PS4, PS5), Thrillville: Off the Rails (PS4, PS5) та Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (PS4, PS5).