Motorola decided to find out what colors and materials customers prefer when choosing a smartphone. The company conducted a survey in Central and Eastern Europe.

People in eight countries took part in the study: Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, and Serbia. It revealed that blue is the favorite color for 33% of respondents. The second place is taken by black, and the third by green.

The survey results also show that 82% of people are ready to diversify their lives with a smartphone of their favorite color.

“Millennials are showing a greater willingness to reject the traditional and dive into the world of colorful technology. This marks a departure from the monochrome era, emphasizing the desire for personalized and expressive technological accessories,” Motorola said.

Also, 42% of respondents said that the last phone they bought was black. Meanwhile, 38% of respondents chose color options. Metallic holds its position at 16%, while white is the least preferred color.

At the same time, more than 35% of women and 30% of men say that color is one of the main factors when choosing a new smartphone. Among respondents aged 18-24, this figure was even higher.

“This shows that phones are no longer just practical; they are becoming personalized tools for self-expression. Customers are not just looking for devices that work, they want them to resonate with their individual styles and preferences,” the company explained.

It is noteworthy that Viva Magenta, which Pantone recognized as the color of 2023, was met with enthusiasm by 63% of respondents. They expressed their willingness to buy a smartphone in this color. Among men, this figure was 47%.

Almost half of respondents (49%) prefer metal for the back of their smartphone. Men chose plastic as the second best option (18%), while women chose glass (20%). Vegan leather has become a favorite among women over 35.

62% of respondents also say that the material of a smartphone can influence their purchase decision. For 10%, this factor is not decisive.