Tata Group is planning to build one of the largest iPhone assembly plants in India, which is in line with Apple’s ambitions to increase production in the country, writes Bloomberg.

According to informed sources, Tata wants to build a plant in the city of Hosur in Tamil Nadu in the south of the country. It plans to install 20 assembly lines and employ 50 thousand people within two years.

The goal is to put this plant into operation in 12-18 months. Apple and Tata are likely to call on the country’s government to provide subsidies for this project.

In October, it became known that Tata Group would start producing iPhones in India for the local and global markets. The announcement was made after the board of directors of the Taiwanese company Wistron approved the sale of the Wistron InfoComm Manufacturing (India) Pvt plant in southern India to Tata. The transaction amounted to $125 million.

It has also been reported that Apple prefers to buy batteries for the upcoming iPhone 16 from Indian factories. The company has already informed component suppliers of its intentions.