Toward the end of the year, Google released a new update for Pixel smartphones with many new features that smartphone owners are starting to receive now.

In addition to Gemini, a new AI model that will be coming to 8 Pro, the company announced a number of AI improvements for video capture.

The first is Video Boost, which will use Google’s Tensor G3 processor to upload your videos to the cloud and use computational photography models to adjust color, lighting, stabilization, and grain. These innovations will only be available on the 8 Pro.

Video Boost also allows you to use Night Sight to improve the picture in videos shot in low light. Night Sight also lets you record faster videos at night on Pixel 8 and 8 Pro.

Artificial intelligence will also be used to improve photos, for example, to change the lighting or make the photo clearer and remove blur.

Continuing with the topic of photos, Pixel Folds will have the ability to dual preview photos. So, for example, if you use the main screen to take a picture, those you’re taking pictures of will be able to see how they look in the frame.

Fold and models starting with 6 can also be used instead of a webcam when making calls from a computer. The document scanning function has been given the ability to clean the same documents from unwanted stains or writing. Smart responses have been added to the call screen, and that’s not all.

The December update has already begun rolling out to Pixel owners, and you can read all about it on Google’s official blog post.