Microsoft’s artificial intelligence, Copilot, will receive support for the new OpenAI models GPT-4 Turbo and DALL-E 3, as well as a new code interpreter function and a deep search function in Bing, reports The Verge.

The GPT-4 Turbo is currently being tested for a limited number of users, however, the company promises that within the next few weeks, the updated model will be available to all users. This update will offer improved AI understanding of user queries and better formulation of responses.

However, while the new GPT model is still being tested, the DALL-E 3 is already available from Copilot and Bing Images and will enable users to create even better images with higher quality and detail.

Another feature that has already been rolled out to all users is the ability of artificial intelligence in Microsoft Edge to summarize YouTube videos.

The company is also adding a “Deep Search” feature to Bing that will use artificial intelligence to provide better search results.

For people who work with code, there will be a code interpreter function that can be used to get more accurate calculations, data analysis, or even ready-made code.