Graphics cards have become an incredibly popular product since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and this has had a significant impact on both their availability and price, but over the past two quarters, the situation has begun to return to normal.

According to ArsTechnica, citing analysts from Jon Peddie Research, GPU shipments have returned to quarterly and annual growth after two years of declining sales. This is the second quarter in a row, which “strongly indicates that the situation in the graphics industry is finally on the rise.”

However, analysts also warn that the growth in video card sales should not be viewed as a market boom, but rather a synchronization of supply and demand. Meanwhile, the overall PC components market is expected to continue its gradual decline.

“The GPU and PC market have had some violent roller-coaster rides over time: the crypto mining swing, the 2008 recession, the Covid shutdown. All of them brought the PC market down a notch, and always the market rebounded, but not quite as high as before. And every time, overenthusiastic forecasters tried to read into it their fantasies and desires. This bounceback is no different and is being overpraised, when it largely reflects a cleaning out and straightening up of the distribution channel. All through the last three quarters, add-in boards sold, not at the normal volumes, and albeit with complaints about prices, but sold, nonetheless. The mistake is the constant search for sensationalism. It’s fatiguing,” said Jon Peddie, President of Jon Peddie Research.