The Verge has a detailed report on this. Sales of the second-generation FIAT 500e electric car will start in the United States in early 2024, with prices starting at about $34 thousand – not cheap, but worth it!

After all, the FIAT 500e electric car for the US market will be offered only in the maximum version: a 42 kWh battery with a range of up to 149 miles or 240 km (according to US measurement rules), an 87 kW electric motor or about 117-118 “horses”, and a fast charging capability with a capacity of up to 85 kW.

And even more! Especially for the launch of the FIAT 500e in the United States, a musical composition was prepared to be played when the electric vehicle is moving slowly. In general, a warning horn is mandatory for safety reasons, but the FIAT 500e proves that even instead of the usual annoying “beep, beep, beep” there is room for acoustic beauty.

The FIAT 500e electric car was introduced back in 2020. The new generation of the model is produced in parallel with its predecessor, but while the latter remained with traditional internal combustion engines, the new FIAT 500e is exclusively an electric vehicle. At the beginning of production, the European range of the FIAT 500e was opened with a version with a 24 kWh battery and an electric motor with a capacity of 70 kW or 95 hp.

However, more “advanced” equipment was also offered: a larger battery and a more powerful electric motor – as in the version for the US market.

In addition, in Europe, the FIAT 500e electric car is offered in several body styles to choose from (regular hatchback or 3+1, convertible) and in several special editions: LaPrima, ICON, etc.