Petcube CEO and Fuelfinance co-founder Yaroslav Azhnyuk announced the launch of the Kremlingram project. The Ukrainian businessman wrote about this on Facebook.

According to him, the site has Ukrainian and English versions, and contains key theses and articles on the security of the Telegram messenger and its ties to Russia.

“Kremlingram . org is a good starting point to start studying how Telegram manipulates, engages in false advertising and outright lies, influences media and societies around the world, cooperates with the Russian authorities and still gets away with it. At the same time, it remains the largest media and communication platform in Ukraine,” explained Yaroslav Azhniuk.

Along with the launch of the project, the entrepreneur also announced the search for its leader. He noted that this person will lead future research and coordinate the cooperation of Ukrainian and international experts who will share hitherto unknown data on the topic.

“If you are deeply interested in this topic, you are fluent in Ukrainian and English, write well, have experience in managing communities and volunteer teams, and have experience with grants, you are the perfect candidate. The website shows how to apply for the position,” added Yaroslav Azhniuk.

In addition, he thanked journalists and activists for helping to draw attention to this topic.