Toyota has recently unveiled its new concept with a rather simple and straightforward name: the Toyota Urban SUV. So: it is a compact urban crossover B-SUV. This is confirmed by the dimensions – for example, only 4.3 meters long. And the design is not surprising: just a modern car, even tomorrow, put into production.

The truth is that it will. The Toyota Urban SUV concept is a harbinger of an electric vehicle that will start mass production in 2024 and will be aimed at the European market. There is no detailed information on the battery size and range yet. However, it is already known that customers will be offered two batteries of different sizes to choose from.

It is also known that the future electric vehicle based on the Toyota Urban SUV concept will have front or all-wheel drive, which means that we can expect a version with two electric motors. In addition, the manufacturer promises a good layout of elements, which will make it possible to get a spacious interior even with small external dimensions.

Finally, one more interesting point: the Toyota Urban SUV concept car only opens a whole series of Toyota electric vehicles for Europe. In total, it is planned to launch six new electric vehicles by 2026.

Has Toyota woken up and decided to intensify its efforts in the direction of not only hybrids but also pure electric vehicles?