An Iranian-affiliated hacker group is “actively attacking and compromising” numerous facilities in the United States that use Israeli equipment, reports NPR.

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) reported that hackers known as CyberAv3ngers displayed a message on the video screens of some devices that read “You have been hacked, get out of Israel. Every piece of equipment made in Israel is a legitimate target for CyberAv3ngers”.

According to the CISA, the cyberattacks covered several states, and the equipment that was targeted was programmable logic controllers manufactured by Unitronics, which is headquartered in Israel. This equipment is used mainly in water and wastewater systems, as well as in energy, food and beverage, and healthcare companies.

“These compromised devices were publicly exposed to the internet with default passwords,” CISA said.

The agency did not specify how many organizations were hacked, but CNN reported that “less than 10” water supply facilities in the United States were affected.

This is an indirect result of the cyber war between Israel and Hamas. In addition to fighting on the ground, both sides have dozens of hacker groups responsible for propaganda, disrupting operations, leaking confidential information, and collecting user data to plan future attacks. One might wonder what the Russians have to do with it…

In response to cybersecurity concerns, Israeli authorities have granted themselves emergency powers during the war that allow the government to intervene if a company specializing in cloud storage and digital services is hacked.