Another round of Google’s fight against ad blockers. According to the new rules of the Manifest V3 platform, Chrome extensions will now be updated more slowly, writes Techspot.

The new policy on browser extensions based on Google’s Manifest V3 platform may, if not destroy ad blockers on YouTube forever, make their lives very difficult.

Google’s Manifest V2 extension platform, which is currently up to date, allows developers to update extensions very quickly. However, when Manifest V3 becomes mandatory in June 2024, new restrictions will be introduced that could dramatically slow down updates.

Future updates to extensions must be fully tested before they are approved and sent to users. Ad blockers rely on quick updates to counteract the constant updates to YouTube’s ad serving system. The new review process should slow down the rollout of updates, giving YouTube time to tweak its algorithms to make ad blocking attempts less effective.

Krzysztof Modras, Director of Development for the Ghostery extension, said that Google is “adapting its algorithms more frequently than ever before.” Due to the frequent changes in YouTube’s ad serving system, developers have to change their software’s block lists at least daily, sometimes more often. In Manifest V3, this will become simply impossible, and Google may also intentionally slow down the process of reviewing these extensions, allowing YouTube to be one step ahead.

Those looking for a safe harbor for ad blocking may have to look elsewhere. Mozilla has assured users that Firefox will not require Manifest V3. However, according to Stat Counter, Chrome is used by almost 63% of all users worldwide, while Firefox is used by only 3.2%. The situation on Mezha is even worse, according to November 2023 data, Chrome is installed on 81.6% of readers’ devices, while Firefox is installed on only 2%.

So Google is confident that many users will either put up with ads or pay for YouTube Premium instead. As a reminder, the cost of a family subscription to YouTube Premium in Ukraine is 149 UAH. You can connect up to 6 different accounts to a family subscription.

Earlier, users noticed that YouTube loads slower if you have an ad blocker enabled. Later, the Ad Speedup extension appeared, which speeds up ads so that they don’t have to be blocked.