Google Keep for Android is to add an AI-powered list creation feature, reports 9to5Google. It is designed to help users in various scenarios, such as planning a trip, preparing for a trip to the store, or organizing the steps to complete a task.

The new “Help me create a list” button in Google Keep will be part of the Workspace Labs beta testing program for now, and Google warns that users should not enter private information.

When you click the button in Google Keep, a text box appears with suggested suggestions, such as creating a grocery list for a vegetarian family, a list of things to pack for a hike, or a to-do list for planning an event. Users can enter their own prompts, and the AI generates a list that serves as a useful starting point that can be expanded upon later. The generated list can be inserted into a note, and the prompt serves as a heading.

Google has not yet announced when the new version of Keep with automatic list creation will be available to all users. Unlike Microsoft, Google is still cautious about integrating AI into its products, so even the Gmail email assistance feature that was announced much earlier has not yet become available in all markets.