The updated crossover Kia Sorento has already demonstrated its new exterior and interior, but only full-fledged presentations of the car have told about its technology. For example, the recent presentation of the updated Kia Sorento crossover in the United States revealed a lot of interesting things.

So: the exterior of Kia Sorento is now made in the style of the Kia EV9 electric vehicle. Thus, the design of the front end is set by new vertical headlights. In addition, the radiator grille has been widened, the lights and wheels have been changed, etc. However, what is most interesting is the appearance of a special version of Kia Sorento X-PRO.

This crossover features its own 17-inch wheels and off-road tires. Also, the lower parts of the bumpers and sills are covered with dark protective plastic. Finally, the Kia Sorento X-PRO is equipped with all-wheel drive (basic versions of the Kia Sorento can be equipped with front-wheel drive), and the transmission capabilities are complemented by a center lock to evenly distribute torque between the front and rear wheels.

However, do not imagine that Kia Sorento X-PRO is a simplified version for mud – it is quite the opposite. In the cabin of this car, the driver will find the latest front panel with two displays up to 12.3 inches in diagonal each. And passengers will find separate “captain’s” seats in the second row and additional seats in the third row. Also worth noting are light leather, decorative stitching, X-PRO logos, etc.

Under the hood of the Kia Sorento X-PRO is a gasoline 2.5-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine with 281 hp paired with an 8-speed DCT (dual clutch wet). The base versions of the car get a 2.5-liter atmospheric engine with a capacity of 191 horsepower and an 8-speed automatic. HEV and PHEV hybrid versions are expected to appear later.

It’s a good crossover: large, modern, and powerful. It would be a good fit in Ukraine, where the Kia Sorento used to be quite popular.