Earlier it was reported that the new Call of Duty in 2024 would be the sixth Black Ops installment about the Gulf War, and now Windows Central, citing sources familiar with the development, has confirmed this information.

Treyarch has been developing a game that may be called Call of Duty: Black Ops Gulf War for several years. Reportedly, the studio has been working on the new CoD longer than any other project in the series.

Since the game is set during the 1990-1991 Gulf War, where a coalition of 35 countries led by the United States confronted Iraq, there will be no futuristic gadgets or weapons similar to what players could see in Modern Warfare. Instead, there will be more traditional shooting and a set of equipment.

“Black Ops “6” will attempt to explore a nuanced narrative of the Gulf War, with a critical focus on different participants within the conflict. It will dovetail into the end of the Cold War era, and explore some of the consequences therein.”

In addition, the new CoD is also expected to feature maps from the old Black Ops installments, as well as a zombie mode that may be divided into separate rounds.

Now Activision is considering providing users who pre-order the game with tangible bonuses, such as access to the main game a few days earlier and to certain modes a few weeks before the release.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Gulf War is expected to be released in late fall or early winter 2024.