The long-suffering remake of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic is still in the works, despite rumors that the project has been canceled. This was told by Jason Schreier.

Earlier this year, Sony removed all references to the KOTOR remake, which alarmed fans of the game, as it could mean that the project was closed. The company later commented that references to the game were removed due to problems with licensed music.

Earlier in November, insider Jeff Grubb also said that no one else was working on the game, but Jason Schreier claims that two Saber Interactive employees confirmed that work on the remake is still ongoing.

However, despite the fact that the game is still in development, Schreier is not sure that it will ever be released.

Saber Interactive started working on the remake of Knights Of The Old Republic last year, when the project was taken over from Aspyr.

The Embracer Group, which owns Saber Interactive, mentioned the game in May during its financial report, but has not yet given any new comments on the future of the remake.