Two years ago, in September 2021, during the PlayStation Showcase event, Sony announced a remake of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, which was to be released exclusively on PlayStation 5. It made quite a splash back then (we even mentioned it in an article about video games in the Star Wars universe), but a year later, there were signs that the project was not going well.

And now fans of the universe have noticed that Sony has removed the teaser trailer for the remake, which was shown at the PlayStation Showcase in 2021, from its YouTube channel. Later, X (ex-Twitter user) with the nickname Crusader3456 shared additional information: in addition to the trailer, Sony also removed all references to the PS5 remake of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic in individual tweets.

At the moment, the only official mention of the project was in a tweet promoting several games that were shown at the event.

Unfortunately, this most likely means that the remake is already completely buried. Although there is still hope that perhaps, after its development was suspended a year ago, Sony has finally decided to “reformat” the project – or it was some kind of mistake by the company’s social media employees. Kotaku reached out to Sony for an explanation, but the company has not yet provided any comment.