Korean memory maker SK Hynix has decided to change its semiconductor development strategy and plans to integrate memory and logic semiconductors on a single chip.

SK Hynix is abandoning the combination of chips using classic packaging methods. The company wants to make a more effective offer on the market by offering a new option – the production of chips with integrated HBM4 memory.

This is evidenced by the fact that the company is now recruiting new specialists in the development of logic elements in semiconductors. It seems that SK Hynix wants to expand its business and enter new markets.

As for current generation products, advanced HBM memory modules increase their efficiency when placed as close as possible to the GPU chips. Packaging technologies, such as CoWoS, come in handy to reduce this distance. Thus, the development of solutions in this area will be in high demand.

SK Hynix plans to integrate its memory modules with GPUs

Today, the semiconductor ecosystem is divided into the development of custom logic chips, in-house production, and the purchase of off-the-shelf memory and logic chips.

Not only does this involve sophisticated equipment for each production process, but in most cases the work has to be outsourced to different firms that specialize in their respective stages of development. The main disadvantage of this approach is the increased dependence on related firms, which has become evident now due to the huge number of backlogged orders, which slows down the overall retail process. Therefore, speeding up the production process and reducing dependence on other companies is a key factor in increasing business efficiency.

It is not yet known how SK Hynix plans to integrate logic and memory modules into a single package, but sources say that the company is in talks with several global vendors, including NVIDIA.

SK Hynix plans to integrate its memory modules with GPUs