In June 2024, all old extensions based on Manifest V2, including ad blockers, will stop working in Chrome, writes 9to5Google.

Among the changes that will come into effect with the release of Manifest V3 will be improved support for content filtering by providing more generous constraints in the declarativeNetRequest API for static rule sets and dynamic rules.

Due to Google’s policy of strengthening user privacy, ad-blocking extensions such as uBlock Origins will also stop working.

We are committed to continuing to invest in the declarativeNetRequest API so we can support as many use cases as possible, and look forward to continuing to work with the community. In particular, we’d like to thank members of the WECG for their engagement, including AdGuard for sharing a significant amount of the data that drove this work, and all browser vendors who have all been a major part of designing this API.

Nevertheless, we can expect that developers will still be able to rework their extensions to work on Manifest V3, including the ad blocking extension.