Cadillac is presenting its new electric car, the fourth in the lineup – a relatively compact crossover Cadillac Optiq, which is expected to launch in 2024. That’s why the company seems to be keeping the intrigue alive: only two images are presented, and general information is given in a few sentences. But…

The point is that the electric car has already been certified for the Chinese market, and another round of information has been leaked there. This allows us not only to compare the Chinese version of the Cadillac Optiq (gray electric car) with the American version of the model (orange electric car), but also to find out the key characteristics.

For example, the Cadillac Optiq crossover is “compact” only according to the company’s own definition – its length is 4.82 meters and the wheelbase is 2.95 meters. The latter is important for placing a large battery and achieving an adequate range. Although there is no exact data yet, the ULTIUM platform promises that everything will be fine with these indicators.

What we do have accurate information about is the electric motors and power of the Cadillac Optiq. Again, we are relying on the Chinese version, but we already know about mono-drive versions with one electric motor with a capacity of 204 or 245 “horses”. In addition, there was information about the preparation of a version with all-wheel drive and two electric motors with a total capacity of 287 “horses”: not bad!

However, we will find out which of these will be confirmed and offered for the American and possibly European versions of the Cadillac Optiq electric vehicle in 2024.