The premiere of the spy series Mr. & Mrs. Smith is scheduled to premiere on February 2, 2024. It will consist of 8 episodes and will be released on the Amazon Prime Video streaming service, writes EW.

This is an adaptation of the 2005 cult action movie about married spies. Donald Glover spoke about working on the series. He not only played the male lead in the series, but also acted as one of its executive producers.

According to him, this series aims to explore the issue of human relationships. And this is what distinguishes it from the original film.

“Let’s make a show dealing with relationships, but from this point of view, centering more on really what a marriage is and trust and teamwork and loneliness and all that stuff. I just wanted it to be something that spoke to people right now because in a time of abundance, why do we feel lonely? The movie wasn’t about that,” he explained.

Francesca Sloan is another executive producer of the series. According to her, the project shows not only spy operations but also the lives of people outside of dangerous work.

“While we do have iconic travel and really glamorous shoot-’em-ups and whatnot, the essence of the show is, at one point, a character running home after chasing bad guys all day and taking their shoe off and actually seeing a blister because they wore the wrong shoes,” she said. “We’re humanizing them. We want to know exactly what a spy does when they have to go to the bathroom. That’s the thesis of the show.”

As a reminder, Mr. & Mrs. Smith was supposed to be released in 2023. However, amid this year’s strikes in Hollywood, the project’s premiere was postponed until early next year.