Microsoft will allow Windows users in Europe to disable Bing and uninstall the Edge browser. Such changes in the company’s policy are related to the European Commission’s law on digital markets. According to The Verge, the changes will come into effect in March 2024.

In addition, Microsoft will allow you to remove the camera, photo, and Cortana programs. The company will also allow replacing Bing in Windows search. In addition to the countries that are part of the European Economic Area, the changes will also come into effect in Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.

In addition, the company is to introduce changes to which browser files will open in, but according to the company, some programs will still open links through Edge:

“In the EEA, Windows will always use the customers’ configured app default settings for link and file types, including industry standard browser link types (http, https),” says Microsoft. “Apps choose how to open content on Windows, and some Microsoft apps will choose to open web content in Microsoft Edge.”