Yes, the headline is strange – but it probably best describes the new Toyota Crown Signia, which was recently introduced in the United States.

So: we have a 4.93-meter crossover with rather short overhangs and a “flat” body silhouette – reminiscent of a station wagon. Inside the Toyota Crown Signia, there are only two rows of seats and five seats, unlike the 7-seater Highlander. But thanks to its considerable dimensions, there should be plenty of space for the driver and passengers – certainly more than in the RAV4.

Going further: the Toyota Crown Signia crossover is based on the TNGA-K platform and is equipped with a hybrid HEV powertrain based on a 2.5-liter gasoline engine and all-wheel drive with a separate electric motor at the rear. The total power of the hybrid reaches 246 hp and it should consume only 6.5 liters per 100 km. A more powerful PHEV version may be available later.

And you should also pay attention to the beautiful interior of the Toyota Crown Signia: inside there is leather and exquisite trim, a pair of 12.3-inch displays. The maximum equipment includes front seat ventilation and JBL audio.

It is interesting that the Toyota Crown Signia not only complements the Toyota Crown lineup, but also occupies an intermediate position between the classes and other Japanese models. This is not the first time this has happened, as the new Toyota Crown Signia actually replaces a similar Toyota Venza model.

However, this will not happen now, but only in the spring and summer of next year. We know about the launch of Toyota Crown Signia sales in the United States, but we would like to see such a “universal station wagon” in Ukraine as well, right?