Google has announced several interesting updates to Google Maps. These include improved public transportation routes, shared lists, and emoji reactions. This is stated in the company’s blog.

For example, updating public transportation routes will allow users to better plan their trip. They will be able to choose the best route for themselves, taking into account the time of arrival of the transport, the number of transfers, and the duration of the trip.

Google Maps will also offer interesting options – users will be able to choose the most optimal mode of transport for transferring or the route with the least number of pedestrian crossings.

A corresponding update for Android and iOS is promised in the coming weeks.

Another innovation concerns the list of places in Google Maps. Currently, this option allows users to save places or events they want to visit on maps. But the feature update adds new capabilities.

Users will now be able to create and edit shared lists. They will also be able to vote for each marked place using emojis. This should make it easier to plan a joint itinerary for an upcoming meeting or trip with friends or family.

Android and iOS updates are also expected in the coming weeks

Finally, another feature is emoji reactions to a photo, video, or comment that users leave on a particular location marked on Google Maps.

You can also add a combined emoji created by AI and Emoji Kitchen. Emoji reactions were launched on November 15.