Podoba Interactive and Marevo Collective are developing a story-oriented exploration game Back to Hearth, in which you have to repair the houses of an abandoned Ukrainian forest settlement.

The disaster devastated all the houses of this small settlement. The disaster has deprived it of laughter, conversation, and life. The main character needs to deal with the consequences of the tragedy, repair all the damage, and put every home in order. Create comfort in the house to bring the residents back.

Back to Hearth is an exploratory meditation game that focuses not only on houses and locations, but also on the stories of the people who lived there. The houses are imbued with memories, personal belongings, amulets, and other narrative elements that will lift the veil on the stories.

Podoba Interactive and Marevo Collective are closely related. Some of the developers are simultaneously part of both studios. In addition to the peaceful exploration game Back to Hearth, Podoba Interactive is currently developing a horror adventure with platforming elements Blessed Burden, which takes part in Indie Cup Ukraine’23. Marevo Collective is working on a game Zero Losses about the current Russian-Ukrainian war and is also among the participants of Indie Cup Ukraine’23. A year ago, we talked to Marevo Collective about the Zero Losses project.