This year, 72 projects from Ukrainian indie developers will take part in the Indie Cup Ukraine’23 competition. Game demos are available for 32 of them.

For comparison, last year’s festival was attended by 60 participants.

On the official website of the contest, you can learn about all the games presented, watch trailers, get acquainted with the developers and follow them on social networks or add them to your Steam wishlist.

72 Ukrainian games participate in the Indie Cup Ukraine’23 competition

The next stage of the competition will be the first stage of judging, which will take place until November 27 and will include a representative of Mezha.Media. After that, there will be a presentation of the nominees, the second stage of judging and the presentation of the winners on December 20.

We would like to remind you that Indie Cup Ukraine’23 is a completely charitable festival that raises funds for a number of initiatives in support of Ukraine. In social media, Ukrainian Games is currently running a donation drive to cover the cost of a new Mavic 3T for the brigades at the front line.