The ninth-generation Toyota Camry has just been introduced in the United States. This is the version of the Toyota Camry model that was developed specifically for the North American market and is produced there. But we can already see what updates are coming to other versions of the Toyota Camry, including those that will be coming to Ukraine. So, what’s new?

One sedan – many faces

The Toyota Camry has been sticking to the classic sedan body for generations, and so it is this time around. And even more: the general shapes of the side surfaces, roof pillars and door openings all clearly hint that the body structure is retained from the (now) outgoing Toyota Camry model.

Although there are a lot of new features: headlights and lights, front and rear bumpers. Moreover, the design differs markedly depending on the chosen version. The new Toyota Camry XLE (the blue car in the photos below) has a radiator grille with horizontal slats and a calm rear bumper design. The Toyota Camry XSE sedan (silver car in the photos below) has its own front bumper and grille with small holes, exhaust pipes protrude noticeably, there is a spoiler on the trunk lid, etc.

In addition to the design changes, the Toyota Camry also received new body colors. Moreover, the XSE version offers the possibility of two-tone coloring with a contrasting black roof. In general, there are currently three versions of the Toyota Camry – SE, XLE, XSE – and this designation refers specifically to the US market; however, I would like to see something like a sporty XSE version in Ukraine…

New interior, large displays, wireless connectivity

While the exterior has only evolved smoothly compared to its predecessor, the interior of the new Toyota Camry has changed radically. From now on, the front panel is clearly divided into several sectors, the central 12.3-inch display is specially highlighted, a separate climate control unit remains under it, and horizontal stripes with a hidden ventilation deflector for the passenger have been added.

In addition, the Toyota Camry sedan can offer a digital 12.3-inch instrument panel, wireless charging and wireless connection of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and airborne updates to on-board electronics. Is this definitely a Toyota Camry? Yes! And even demand more: the maximum versions of the XLE and XSE get a JBL audio system, a projection display for the driver, and a panoramic sunroof.

The interior of the new Toyota Camry is somewhat reminiscent of the Lexus ES due to the elongated horizontal display and the climate control unit below it. The XLE version relies on light leather and a sense of luxury, while the XSE version is sporty and has a dark red interior.

Always a hybrid, but you can choose front or all-wheel drive

It is certain that different versions of the Toyota Camry will be powered by different engines. But so far, only one power unit has been announced. And this is a fifth-generation HEV hybrid, based on a combination of a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine and electric motors – either to drive the front axle only or to drive both axles.

In the front-wheel drive version, the Toyota Camry sedan offers 225 hp (according to the American measurement method). However, in the all-wheel drive version, the power is already declared at 232 hp, and the rear wheels are driven by a separate electric motor. Interestingly, there have been Toyota Camry cars with all-wheel drive before, but they had a conventional gasoline engine – all-wheel drive has never been combined with a hybrid before. But now it has!

Finally, it’s worth noting the TSS 3.0 safety system package for any vehicle configuration. And we can also note the new suspension settings – with separate settings for the regular and sport versions.

The new Toyota Camry always has a hybrid powertrain under the hood; for the first time for this model, it can be combined not only with front-wheel drive but also with all-wheel drive. Again: the XSE version features black and silver 19-inch wheels and a sporty suspension setup.

There is only one thing left to add: we are waiting for the debut of the European versions of the Toyota Camry and looking forward to the debut of the new car in Ukraine!