Steam and have re-released the Ukrainian game Boiling Point: Road to Hell від студії Deep Shadows.

The legendary game, which was not available on any digital service, was published by the American company Ziggurat, which specializes in re-releasing games from the 1980s and 2010s. Until November 21, 2023, the game can be purchased for the collection with a 10-15% discount depending on the platform. “Xenus: Boiling Point” costs 202 UAH on Steam and $8.49 on

In the comments to the release, players complain that the game still has bugs, the pirated unofficial patch works better, and that some files need to be edited manually to customize it, just like in the old days. On the positive side, the Russian localization has disappeared from the game. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian localization never appeared.

The original Boiling Point: Road to Hell was released in 2005, and for its time it was a very breakthrough game in terms of game mechanics and design. Later, almost the same mechanics appeared in Far Cry 2 (2008) by Ubisoft and later they became standard for action/RPGs in the modern open-world setting. Unfortunately, at the time of the release of Boiling Point: Road to Hell suffered from poor optimization and a large number of bugs, so the game did not sell well in the West.

The publisher of Xenus in the CIS (back then this word had at least some meaning) was Russobit-M, and Atari in the world. Until yesterday, Xenus was not available in any digital game stores.

We have sent inquiries to Ziggurat and are trying to contact representatives of Deep Shadows to find out if the Ukrainian studio is involved in this re-release.

We recently conducted an interview with Ukrainian artist Ilya Gulyayev, who worked on Boiling Point: Road to Hell, а зараз працює у Bethesda Game Studios.