While the fate of the 5th installment of John Wick remains unknown, the film’s director Chad Stahelski shared the news that an anime and another TV series are being made based on the films, writes The Playlist.

Chad Stahelski said that he is a big fan of anime, and it is a pleasure for him to work on the John Wick series. He explained that anime will allow them to show more than TV series or movies.

He didn’t give any more details about the anime, but shared other plans for the franchise. So now we are working on another series in the universe, which will be unrelated to the recent miniseries The Continental.

The director noted that such shows will allow them to expand the universe and focus more on characters who were not given enough attention in the films, so we can expect that both the series and the anime will be without John himself.

He also explained that both he and his team were minimally involved in the creation of Continental and helped only a little with explaining the world. In the new shows, their influence will be much greater.