Samsung continues to develop the topic of artificial intelligence on smartphones and has revealed what we can expect on Galaxy devices in the future.

Galaxy AI will give users a complete mobile AI experience that is based on both Samsung’s built-in AI and cloud-based AI created in collaboration with industry leaders.

At the moment, the company has told us about one of the features that will most likely appear on Samsung Galaxy S24: real-time call translation.

Artificial intelligence will be built directly into the call function, so there will be no need to use third-party applications. During the conversation, users will receive real-time audio and text translation, and since the translation process will take place directly on the device, the company assures that no one else will hear your conversation.

Samsung has also recently unveiled its generative artificial intelligence, which will enable Galaxy smartphone owners to create a variety of images without the need for third-party services. And during the presentation of the Exynos 2400, the company said that the new chip will have a 14.7-fold improvement in AI performance.