Mark Zuckerberg personally rejected the initiatives of Meta’s top management to improve the mental health of teenagers using Facebook and Instagram. This is evidenced by documents made public as part of a court case against the company, writes CNN.

According to them, Meta’s CEO ignored or suspended top managers who asked Mark Zuckerberg to take stronger measures to protect more than 30 million teenagers in the United States who use Instagram.

For example, the billionaire vetoed a 2019 initiative to disable beauty filters on Instagram. This technology digitally changes the user’s appearance on the screen and can harm the mental health of adolescents by promoting unrealistic expectations of appearance.

Meta’s CEO responded to the proposal by telling his deputies that the technology was in demand and that he had seen “no evidence” of harm from these filters.

Reacting to the declassified documents, Meta spokesman Andy Stone noted that such filters are widespread.

“While filters exist across every major social platform and smartphone camera, Meta bans those that directly promote cosmetic surgery, changes in skin color or extreme weight loss,” he added.

As a reminder, a group of 42 prosecutors in the United States sued Meta. They accuse her of making Facebook and Instagram features addictive and targeting children and teenagers.