Figma, the company best known for its eponymous online interface development and prototyping service, has announced a set of artificial intelligence tools for the FigJam interactive whiteboard, writes The Verge.

The kit is called FigJam AI, and its purpose is to create ready-made templates for planning projects on a collaborative whiteboard. As a result, it allows designers to reduce the time spent on project preparation and focus on more urgent tasks.

On November 7, FigJam AI became available in an open beta version in English. For now, AI tools are free for all customers. However, it is still unknown whether they will remain so in the future.

FigJam AI contains several tools: Generate, Sort, and Summarize. They will help organize different stages of preparation for work – for example, they will offer templates of tools for organizing brainstorming sessions. They will also sort and quickly summarize information from the sticky notes that the team uses during such brainstorming sessions.

Figma co-founder and CEO Dylan Field also said that the company is considering other AI-related developments.