Tesla has never been known for the high quality of its electric vehicles, especially at the beginning of production. This is generally typical for automotive startups that try to quickly ramp up production while defining approaches to quality control. However, Tesla can hardly be classified as a start-up automotive company, so the company’s assembly problems are surprising.

One of the most recent examples was the first public appearance of the matte black Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck. As automotive journalist Daniel Golston has noted, the quality of car assembly clearly needs to be improved.

Close-up photos of the electric car show problems with joints, unevenly installed parts, large gaps, and parts that were not fully processed at the factory.

Tesla Cybertruck images show poor build quality of Musk's electric pickup

In addition, as Golston noted, because of its large body and relatively small mirrors, the Cybertruck is likely to have a very large blind spot, so the driver will need to rely more on electronic systems.

Deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck to the first customers are scheduled to begin on November 30, so there is a high probability that the first owners will face similar assembly problems. The company is still planning to produce 125 thousand Cybertrucks annually, but Elon Musk announced plans to increase production to 250 thousand electric pickups in 2025 at the last Tesla financial results call. In total, the company has about 2 million pre-orders for Cybertrucks, so everyone who wants to get a new model will have to wait.