During this year’s traditional video game festival BlizzCon 2023, Blizzard announced not just another World of Warcraft expansion, as fans expected, but a whole trilogy. It’s called Worldsoul Saga, and it’s a story arc that will unfold over the next three expansions.

The first of them, The War Within, will be released in a year – on the 20th anniversary of this MMORPG. As Blizzard’s executive creative director Chris Metzen explained, Worldsoul Saga will combine the first 20 years of World of Warcraft with what the developer has planned for the future.

The War Within is the tenth expansion, in which we will have to explore the underworld located beneath the surface of Azeroth. You can find out what awaits players in the fall of 2024 in the following trailer.

The story of The War Within will be continued in the eleventh and twelfth expansion packs – Midnight and The Last Titan. Until now, Blizzard has been releasing new expansions every two years, but Chris Metzen has promised that the company plans to “accelerate.” Although he did not name the release dates of Midnight and The Last Titan, we can cautiously hope that they will be released once a year, and the end of the Worldsoul Saga story arc will not have to wait until 2028.