The adventure game Strange House by Ukrainian studio Games4Wonders has been released in Steam Early Access.

Strange House is the story of a guy looking for his missing girlfriend in a gloomy, poor industrial town somewhere on the remote outskirts of the country. There are a lot of industrial plants here that are constantly smoking and often cover the sky with thick smoke. Civilization hasn’t reached here well, so despite its modernity, old Soviet-era buildings prevail, along with all the accompanying structures and life.

The hero of the game has to explore the environment, collect resources, fly a drone, communicate with the inhabitants, and solve puzzles. And of course, he has to uncover the many secrets of this gloomy city and hopefully find his missing girlfriend.

Strange House uses the Unreal Engine, although it sometimes looks like a 2D adventure game. This is the first independent project by Games4Wonders, which previously worked on other games as an outsourcer and developed content for the Unreal Marketplace.

According to the game’s page, Strange House should have Ukrainian text and subtitles. The game has already been released on Steam, where it costs only 74 UAH and should be available soon in the Epic Games Store.