It seems that flash memory manufacturers are serious about reversing the current trends in the NAND chip market. The suspension of production and the unloading of flash chip inventories are fueling demand for the necessary components. So, manufacturers who were forced to endure a period of low prices for flash chips now seem ready to make up for lost time.

According to TrendForce sources, Samsung plans to increase the cost of NAND by 20% every quarter until at least mid-2024. In addition, a certain increase in selling prices began in September. Given the reduction in supply and the decrease in supply, flash memory manufacturers are strengthening their positions in negotiations with drive manufacturers. Of course, the increase in costs will ultimately be passed on to direct consumers. The conclusion is simple: SSDs will become more expensive.

Given Samsung’s position in the flash chip market, there is no doubt that other manufacturers will be happy to follow the Korean giant’s lead. Especially after a prolonged “hungry” period when the price of flash, and, accordingly, drives based on them, was constantly declining.

Samsung plans to raise prices for flash memory chips. Will SSDs become more expensive? Samsung 970 EVO Plus price

The first “bells and whistles” can already be seen even in the retail SSD market in Ukraine. Certain models of drives, having reached the price bottom in August-September, began to gradually rise in price. With information about the current plans of flash memory manufacturers for the next few quarters, we can say that this is not an isolated case, but an expected reaction. So if you were going to buy an SSD of the required capacity and were waiting for the best time with the lowest price, now is the time to hurry up and make your purchase.