Microsoft has changed the terms and conditions for using generative AI services so that it can now restrict access to them for some users, reports The Register.

“Excessive use of a Microsoft Generative AI Service may result in temporary throttling of Customer’s access to the Microsoft Generative AI Service,” the rules say.

It is not yet known what exactly constitutes “excessive” use of the service and what will be the conditions for restricting access for users.

Microsoft is not the first company to introduce such restrictions for users. OpenAI, for example, can reduce the number of requests that one user can make so that more people have access to the service.

Midjourney, a well-known service for creating photos using AI, can also limit users even if they have an unlimited plan:

“If You purchase an unlimited plan, we will try to reasonably offer You unlimited access to the Services. However, we reserve the right to rate limit You to prevent quality decay or interruptions to other customers.”

However, the difference is that other companies are more transparent about their limits, while Microsoft has so far only shared updated rules and terms of use.