G5 Games, a gaming company with 364 employees in Ukraine, resumes operations in the Russian market, reports Gamedev.DOU.

Gamedev.DOU got access to a letter sent by the company’s CEO Vlad Suglobov to employees:

“A year and a half ago, we disabled updates and downloads of our games in Russia. The reality is that the Russian market has grown in dollar terms since then. We estimate that about 18% of companies operating in the West have left it. The rest have taken their share. In the current situation of no growth in our games and no big new hits, against the backdrop of weak dynamics of the games market in general, we cannot ignore the markets. We have made our position clear, we have been absent from the market for a long time, but given the realities, I have decided to bring our own games back to the Russian market in order to generate additional revenue that will help us stabilize the situation in the company.”

It is reported that although G5 Entertainment AB claimed to have left the Russian market, in fact their offices continued to operate. This is despite the fact that G5 Games is the eighth largest gaming company in Ukraine according to the August ranking. The company itself has not yet commented on the published letter.