So far, Google Pixel smartphones have not won previous performance comparisons. Despite the flagship features and general capabilities of these smartphones, they still lagged behind the competition. The YouTube channel PhoneBuff continues to monitor the performance of flagships and in a new video compared the Google Pixel 8 Pro with the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Both models were introduced not so long ago and each of them has its advantages. For example, Google Pixel 8 Pro can offer much more RAM (12 GB vs. 8 GB), while iPhone 15 Pro Max uses a faster NVMe storage rather than UFS 3.1. Each of them also has an in-house processor (Tensor G3 and A17 Pro, respectively), and, of course, their own operating systems.

The comparison itself involves two cycles of launching the same set of applications, including social networks, streaming services, games, cameras, etc. The smartphone has to launch the application, wait for it to load, and perform a certain action (for example, take a photo by launching the camera). After the first launch, the test is also run in reverse order to check how long the apps stay in the background. The fastest app wins.

As a result, unfortunately, this year’s Google Pixel 8 Pro failed to keep up with its competitor. At first, it managed to pull away, but as soon as the test got to the video processing task, the “race leader” changed. Compared to the iPhone, the Pixel was also slower to load games. The 12 GB of RAM also didn’t help the device in re-launching applications.

Thus, Google Pixel 8 Pro completed the first part of the test in 2 minutes and almost 28 seconds, and the second part took another minute. In turn, the iPhone 15 Pro Max finished the first round in 2 minutes and the second in 48 seconds. Thus, Apple’s smartphone managed to cover almost the entire distance in the same time it took Pixel only for the first part.

The final time to complete all tasks for Google Pixel 8 Pro was 3 minutes and 28 seconds, and for iPhone 15 Pro Max – 2 minutes and 48 seconds.