Apple is expanding its commitment to provide the parts, tools, and information needed to repair its products on their own. The manufacturer made the announcement during an event at the White House, writes The Verge.

Apple is already obliged to provide these materials in California, where the relevant legislation has recently come into effect. But now the company says it will provide such support to customers and independent repair shops across the United States.

“We intend to honor California’s new repair provisions across the United States,” Brian Naumann, Apple vice president and general manager of the company’s repair business, said during Tuesday’s meeting. “Apple also believes that consumers and businesses would benefit from a national law that balances repairability with product integrity, usability and physical safety.”

National Economic Council Director Lael Brainard welcomed Apple’s decision to expand its commitment to ensuring the right to repair across the country.

“Whether you are in California, Maine or Michigan, Apple will make the parts, tools, and documentation needed to repair your Apple products available to you at reasonable prices,” he noted.

In early October, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the Right to Repair Act. This will make it easier for equipment owners to repair their devices on their own or send them to independent workshops.