As you know, Ubisoft is currently developing two versions of Far Cry at the same time: a new single-player Far Cry 7, which will be the next big installment in the series, and a multiplayer Far Cry. According to Insider Gaming, who are usually quite accurate in their predictions and retelling of insider rumors, this multiplayer version of Far Cry will be an Extraction shooter.

If this term is not familiar to you yet, then get used to it, Extraction Shooter is a PvPvE shooter where you have to get to an important point on the map, destroying enemies and collecting loot, and then evacuate despite the opposition of other players. It is a kind of Battle Royale. Pure Extraction Shooters are Escape from Tarkov, Hunt: Showdown, Marauders, and The Cycle: Frontier. Besides, Extraction Shooter elements were present in Tom Clancy’s The Division and The Division 2. Bungie’s new Marathon will also be an extraction shooter.

It is interesting that the reorientation of Far Cry multiplayer to Extraction mechanics is following the trends. As a well-known gaming expert recently told us in an interview (we hope it will appear on Mezha within a week), almost all large and medium-sized game companies have an Extraction Shooter in development now. This is a new Battle Royale, a subgenre that can potentially bring billions.

The multiplayer Far Cry takes place in Alaska and the player will survive solo or in the company of other players, collecting loot, improving their skills and planning operations at their own base.

As for Far Cry 7, which is supposedly called Far Cry: Rise, it takes place on a tropical island in the Yellow Sea and the player has to save his family, which was stolen by the Sons of Truth, in 24 hours of real time. The timer is running out and some of the family members may die in the rescue process.

Far Cry 7 is supposed to be released on all platforms in the fall of 2025. As for the multiplayer Far Cry, it has no release date yet.