South Korean technology company Naver will create a digital twin platform for five cities in Saudi Arabia. The agreement between the company and the government was reported by Yonhap.

A digital double is a virtual reproduction of a real object or space that is its digital counterpart for practical purposes such as modeling, integration, testing, and maintenance.

The value of the contract is not disclosed, but informed sources say that it is more than $100 million. As part of the contract, Naver will create digital twins for the cities of Riyadh, Medina, Jeddah, Dammam, and Mecca.

It is planned that future digital twins will become the basis for creating “smart” cities and public digital services, including urban planning, monitoring and forecasting of natural disasters.

The platform will be created on the basis of Naver cloud technology, and its operation will begin in 2024. It will be open to startups and institutions in Saudi Arabia. This should facilitate the creation of various services related to artificial intelligence-based maps or traffic information.