It seems that Toyota is striving to maximize the use of the well-known Land Cruiser name. But now we’re looking forward to not just another model, but a real revolution, and a double revolution at that.

If any Toyota Land Cruiser models are usually about powerful classic SUVs, the new Toyota Land Cruiser Se concept hints at a crossover with a supporting body. And not an ordinary one, but an electric one.

Interestingly, unlike other numerous concepts, the description of the Toyota Land Cruiser Se was very short, but also very informative. So, we already know the overall dimensions: we have a 5.15-meter length and a 3.05-meter wheelbase. The body width is almost two meters, and the height exceeds the 1.7-meter mark. That is, it is a very large crossover. It’s also quite roomy: a 3-row 7-seater cabin has already been promised.

With the Toyota Land Cruiser Se concept, Toyota appears to be trying to create a model similar to the Toyota Grand Highlander, but in the form of an electric vehicle and using a world-famous name – which will certainly have an impact on added value. With such ambitions and details, it actually looks like the production future of the Toyota Land Cruiser Se concept is almost decided – for the better, of course.