Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, a new PlayStation exclusive from Insomniac Games, has been officially released. The game has received a lot of positive reviews and ratings, and there is a reason for that: cool graphics, exciting gameplay, and a great story.

The game has an average score of 91 on OpenCritic and MetaCritic. For comparison, the first part has an average score of 87. In their reviews, the authors call Spider-Man 2 one of the best games about superheroes and not only, praise the plot and gameplay, and strongly recommend it to all players.

Insomniac Games took the ready-made formula from the first Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales and improved it in every possible aspect. The game looks incredible and the graphical improvements can be seen with the naked eye.

Blogger Nico930 also compared the game to the first part, and even though it was the remaster, the difference is noticeable.

In addition, another tangible advantage of Spider-Man 2 is that it can be completed in less than 20 hours. If you want to close all the side quests, this figure can increase to 30 hours, which is still not much considering the current trends in the gaming industry.

And for Ukrainians, there is another incredibly nice bonus. One of the districts in the game is small Odesa, as blogger Padon tweeted. He and his subscribers also shared screenshots from the game, where you can see Ukrainian signs and even a church.

If you doubted whether Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is worth your attention, the answer is definitely yes.