Nissan has already shown several concepts before the start of the local Japanese auto show, but that’s not all – here’s another creation: the Nissan Hyper Punk concept car. It was created for influencers, actors and the Fortnite game.

The dimensions of the new Nissan Hyper Punk concept are unknown from the corporate description, only the use of 23-inch wheels is mentioned – the same ones that look so much like triangles. In fact, the theme of sharp corners and numerous triangles dominates the design of the concept. It is also known that the Nissan Hyper Punk concept will support V2X technology: that is, it can share energy. This means that the novelty is an electric vehicle.

Probably also “smart”. After all, an artificial intelligence system is also mentioned that can customize the Nissan Hyper Punk concept according to the owner’s mood: music, lighting, etc. In addition, the electronics can read the world and objects around it, convert them into Manga-style images and display them on the cabin displays.

By the way, the description of the interior design of the Nissan Hyper Punk concept mentions traditional Japanese origami: again, angles and bends…

In fact, if we remove all the conceptuality and abstraction, we will see a compact urban crossover. Doesn’t it remind you of anything?

It seems that with the Nissan Hyper Punk concept, the Japanese are trying to find a way for a successor to the Nissan Juke. Yes, this car is quite “fresh”; however, in a few years it will be time to replace it – and you need to understand what kind of replacement it will be.