The publication CARSCOOPS claims that it is! Yes again! This is an important clarification, as the future of the Mazda6 has been in doubt lately.

A long time ago, it was planned to create a new platform for large Mazda cars: longitudinal engine arrangement, four or six cylinders, rear or all-wheel drive, hybrids. We saw all of this on the examples of the Mazda CX-60 and Mazda CX-90, and at the same time, the Mazda6 sedan was planned for release. However, the costs of launching a new platform and new models were so high that Mazda decided to focus only on more profitable crossovers, leaving the remaining six in doubt.

And now it turns out that crossovers are the future for the Mazda6 sedan! After all, according to the first reports, the new Mazda CX-60 and Mazda CX-90 have been very profitable – the company has money. And at the same time, the introduction of a new car on a platform that has been prepared for this from the very beginning does not seem to be something extremely difficult.

So, if all goes well, in a few years we will see the Mazda6 sedan, but with rear-wheel drive and a longitudinal engine. If we add a powerful 6-cylinder turbo or PHEV hybrid (which is already available in the Mazda CX-60), Mazda6 will be able to raise its positioning favorably.

Would you rather see a new passenger car than another crossover?