Ubuntu 23.10 is finally available for download again: Mantic Minotaur, the last interim update of the operating system before the release of LTS version 24.04.

We remind you that the ISO file of version 23.10 has been temporarily banned from downloading due to a distorted Ukrainian translation.

The first change that users will see when installing Ubuntu is the new installer. From now on, the system will offer two installation methods – Default and Full. The first method is suitable for users who always have an Internet connection and will install only the most necessary things: a web browser and basic utilities. Full will offer “a set of office tools, utilities, a web browser, and games for offline use.”

Another innovation is the App Center, which will become standard for all future versions of the system. It’s a fast, intuitive, and secure way to find new apps.

Ubuntu 23.10 has been released: what's new?

When installing the system, the option to select ZFS as the primary file system was returned. There is also an experimental opportunity to configure encryption of the entire disk using Trusted Platform Modules.

Many of the changes in the system are due to the upgrade to GNOME 45, which added improved searching in files, calendars, and other applications, as well as new standard applications for viewing images and a camera and an indicator to show when the camera is in use.

23.10 also received support for the Tiling Assistant extension by default. It extends the configuration options for multi-window setups and will allow users to automatically arrange program windows in the corners of the screen.

Ubuntu 23.10 has been released: what’s new?

Mantic Minotaur has switched to the 6.5 kernel, which also has its advantages and improvements. From now on, the system will boot faster on systems with Xeon or EPYC processors. Performance has also been improved on Ryzen processors.

To improve system security, the Ubuntu kernel now supports an additional mode that requires programs to have an AppArmor profile to use the namespace of an unprivileged user.

In addition, the developers said that the operating system will run on the new Raspberry Pi 5 from day one.

You can download Mantic Minotaur on the official website of Ubuntu, and in the company blog you can find all the technical details and nuances of the update.