The car we know as the fourth-generation Nissan X-Trail is known as the Rogue in the US market. And it has been known there for several years in a row, because it appeared on the American market earlier than on the home Japanese or European markets.

Therefore, it is time for the Nissan Rogue to be updated – and this allows us to look into the future for the Nissan X-Trail model. What awaits us when it is updated? A completely new “face”! Here is a comparison of the “was-is”…

The radiator grille immediately attracts the most attention: very wide and with massive horizontal lines. Now the grille unites the main headlights, which are installed in their own niches on the bumper – and the outlines of these niches have also changed. In addition, the lower part of the bumper with a black insert is different. The new wheels are also noticeable.

Spy photos of such an updated car have appeared before, but everything was always covered with camouflage film, so the external updates were invisible. However, the spy photos showed noticeable changes in the interior: for example, a large horizontal display. However, this will be an update for the American Nissan Rogue, because Japanese and European Nissan X-Trail cars immediately received such a display.

There is also little information about technical changes in the future updated Nissan X-Trail/Rogue. So let’s wait for the official presentation. But at least the design of the updated car is already clear. Do you like it?